Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Abandoned Railway Track @ Sunset Way and Clementi

In the secret world of the World Wide Web, i have seen many pictures of a railway track that looked like it is no longer in use. My initial thought was that it should an overseas track as i have never come across a similar one in Singapore.

From the title of this post, you would know that i am dead wrong. There is indeed an abandoned railway track in Singapore and come July, we would most likely have a lot more with the exit of the Malaysian railway.

Coming back, the location of this track was not known to me till my dessert trip to Daily Scoops in Sunset Way! And the access (at least from Sunset Way) point is somewhere near this metal-track bridge cutting across the road famously known as Sunset Way.

This was the treacherous slope we succeeded in defeating! We realised there is another way further down but oh well, what's done cannot be undone!

The picture above shows the metal track bridge i mentioned in paragraph 3!

Though the bridge isn't very far off the ground, the 'holes" looked threatening enough to stop me from walking across.
Thankfully, our destination was the track on my side a few hundred meters away. It wasn't tiring (c'mon, only a few hundred meters) but my blood was almost sucked dry!!! Mosquitoes are really irritating creeatures!!!!

As you can see, most of the wooden planks that made up the railway track have disintegrated with age and lack of maintenance. Not exactly a good omen if you are crossing a heightened track...

Along the tracks are trees with chempedak fruits! A lot of people confuse jackfruits with chempedak since they look alike. To set the record straight, chempedak is the small cousin of jackfruit and is native to Southeast Asia. Read here for more information.

To protect the heaty yet delicious tasting chempedek from bugs, it's necessary to wrap each of them with a bag!

Our destination; the 'photo' spot for many pictures on the internet. It may be safer than the bridge over sunset way since this one goes right across the sungei ulu pandan (river). At least i know how to swim! However, no one in the right mind will walk along the rotten wooden planks!!

These metal tracks looked more assuring except....... vertigo affects any person with a fear of heights! The only way to force me to walk across is to dangle a carrot filled with benefits. Food or money, just to name a few.

Panoramic picture showing the bridge over the river! The red arrow is the furthest point i reached; all the while holding tightly to the unstable metal handbars!

Due to the itching (no thanks to the mosquitoes), i was perpetually under the impression i will definitely miss a step while scratching the red bumps on my legs.


I might come back again despite being acrophobic but i shall access the bridge from the Clementi side.

Love streetdirectory.com! =)

Additional Information
There are always the danger signs and it's really on your own risk to try crossing the bridge! Do exercise caution as i really would not want to see this rare spot decimated by the government. 

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