Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dim Sum (点心) @ Wong Chiew (皇潮)

Dim Sum (点心)
@ Wong Chiew (皇潮)

Rubee needed a review with Dr Kasey Tan for a blood test to ascertain his suitability for the drugs he is currently taking for Cushing Disease. With a few hours to spare, we decided to patronise this dim sum restaurant right next door.

I wasn't expecting anything much and merely ordered four baskets of dim sum for fun. My real purpose was actually to satisfy my morning coffee addiction!

Two baskets took me by surprise!

One, the fried red beans puffs that had a thin, flaky and crispy case holding all the delicious goodness in them!

Contrary to its title, both red beans and bananas made up the filling that oozed out rapidly even before you can bite off a part! The only complaint i have is that despite waiting for quite a while, the puffs were not piping hot.

Another basket that caught the attention of my taste buds was that of the century eggs dumpling, which looked like a covered-up siew mai to me anyway.

Let's face it; you either like century eggs (皮蛋) or you don't. As a person who loves them due to the very unique taste, i wondered why no one has thought of using century eggs in such ways! The combi was really refreshing and didn't taste weird at all!


Let me go back again and try other baskets like seafood eggs rolls, chicken meat with oyster sauce etc etc. This restaurant was featured recently in the television for tze char.

19 Sembawang Road
(Right outside Nee Soon Camp, along the main Sembawang Road)

Opening Hours
24 Hours! Even during the Chinese New Year period!

Fried Red Bean Puffs (3pcs) - S$3 a basket
Century Egg Dumplings (3pcs) - S$3 a basket

Additional Information
When i was working for the pet food company five years ago, Wong Chiew had only one shop specialising in roasted meats. Now, it has expanded to three shops in the same building!

Business is that good?!

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