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Sentosa Flowers (圣淘沙春节花会) 2011

This is gonna be a pictorial post because someone complained that i was posting lesser and lesser pictures! Another reason is that the Sentosa Flowers will end on 13 February 2011; a mere 3 days away!

Get your butt going if flowers are your interest!

The newly opened Sentosa Boardwalk is the starting point for the Sentosa Flowers this year!

In a way, visitors can get a preview of the Sentosa Flowers since no entrance fee is required until you reach the other side of the boardwalk!

Don't assume it's gonna be a long walk all the way! Travellators are available at some point to provide some relief to the walk and shelter from the glaring sun!

View from the boardwalk! I shall make another trip at night. Bet it will be another view altogether.

When i said preview, i meant it as really preview. The flowers on display were pathetically little compared to previous years. Thank god it's not the case once you enter the main area on Sentosa Island itself.

Finally, a pair of evil looking rabbits welcoming you to the first integrated resort in Singapore. The red eyes should have been replaced with black colour to make the rabbits looked less scary!

Beds of vibrant flowers dotted the entrance and this is what i really considered as a better preview!

Contemporary sculptures by Romero Britto. They are really eye catching due to elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti (as taken from wikipedia).

I think this was placed just to fill up the big empty space in the middle. Traditional no doubt and something out of the blue!

At 14 meters high, this green rabbit in Festive Walk is humongous!! Look funny though; at certain angles, it does have a goblin face!! Some colors must be added to the eye to make it more lifelike!

Chinese Zodiac animals made of flora! This hopping rabbit is just too adorable!

The monkey was weird though. One hand was defending its private and the other hand was covering the asshole. God knows what has happened!

By this time, i was hot, sticky and tired! As mentioned many times, i wish Singapore has a year round temperature of around 15 to 20 degrees celcius!

Another flower display that had the rabbits donning pink 'ribbons' on their ears. Seriously, the eyes need a change in color!

Papa merlion taking its position in presiding the flower exhibition, as it has always been for the past few years.

Although this innovative display of "Sentosa Flowers" was pretty, it's quite difficult to take a full picture of the words with Kon and Van!! The most i can manage is the word "Flowers".

There are many, many flowers on display and i am going to spare you the scientific names for the moment! The least i can do is to have some nicer pictures around in this post.

I was telling Vanessa that the artist designing this rabbit must be thinking of ang kong (tattoo)!

Picture is not doing this giant bird display any justice! Given a steeper gradient, the 'painting' decorated with 40,000 assorted flowers will definitely be more spectacular.

Don't they look like papers smudged with purple/red ink?

These giant, fiberglass tulips should be surrounded by real tulips. Unfortunately, due to the hot climate, they survived for a short period of only 4 days after arriving in tropical Singapore.

As usual, you can see a lot of photographers with top notch equipment capturing the beautiful sights! DSLR is indeed getting very common.

Love this photograph!

Befitting the year of the rabbit, there's a rabbit trail that i thought would have displays of live rabbits. Disappointingly, it wasn't the case.

More flowers!

Easter preparation so early in the year? Only possible during the Rabbit lunar year!

Spare me the fake flowers!!! Give me real flowers or at least enhance it with flowers!

The Orchid Walk with cooling mist provided a cool though temporary respite from the heat.

Flowers overdose! You should be thankful i don't publish them one by one! Hahaha.

Chinese New Year wish that is only available at a price of S$2.00 each.

Cute bunny cacti! Each rabbit cactus has a pair of ears! Look more carefully and you can find some with one ear and others with more than a pair!

Salvia (or firecrackers) flowers in its various shades and hues!

A hum sap rabbit! What the heck is it peeking at?!

Floral egg in a nest? Where are the birds? I remember the placement of flower swans at this area last year!

Shutter speed is a damn cool function! Having a camera stand to ensure stability is preferable for such shots. Having said that, i guess i am too lousy to bring it out and drag it around.

A whole stretch of yellow Chrysanthemum!

When i was in kindergarten, a drawing of rabbit will guarantee many carrots right beside it! These gigantic carrots have vegetables planted around them.

By the time we completed this event, the sun was already on its way to go home! Would have love to take more pictures at night but we were too tired! Furthermore, both Kon and I are working the next day!


Sentosa Island

Till 13 February 2011

Opening Hours
10am to 10pm

As Above.

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