Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Red Strawberry Farm @ Cameron Highlands

(Part 5 of Leisure Tour)

The last itinerary for the leisure tour; my stomach was growling by then (despite the food i had in Market Square) and having had only a few hours of sleep on the coach, my mind was no longer as focused!

Open to the public for free, this farm was in fact within a comfortable walking distance from our hotel. And i will strongly recommend visitors of Cameron Highlands to this place as it offers more than just strawberries!

Basically, you can exercise your right to do your marketing right here; fresh from this farm! I can guess from mom's eyes how badly she wanted to drag the whole lot of them back to Singapore. NOOOoooooo way!

The vegetables presented an appealing picture that looked almost unreal! I was almost on the verge to bite a leaf just to confirm the juicy crunchiness they portray.

A large variety of cacti for selection. This picture shows only a small portion of what Big Red has.

Unique cactus species that are likely to change your perception of this supposedly thorny plant. For one, it has a hairy version. Must be the result of a freak purberty hormonal accident!

And there is even a rose cactus! A practical gift for your girlfriend that should last longer than real roses.

Looking like normal vines that made up a natural canopy, many people might not have noticed that there are more than meet the eyes.

Yes, bunches of grapes!!! With such nice climate, i wonder why vineyards and wineries have not gained any foothold in Cameron Highlands.

The strawberry portion takes up more than half the farm! You don't see any strawberry at this elevated helicopter view.

Only when you walk down the walkway covered by the natural canopy would you see thousands of strawberry pots placed a meter off the ground with the luscious fruits hanging by the sides of each pot.

To make full use of space, Coriander-look-a-like thingies are grown like unkempt weeds.

Strawberry picking is allowed for a fee and though i would love to do the same touristy stuff, i was by then too lazy to get myself sunned. I badly needed some hot soup and a bowl of char siew noodles!!

Things will be different if i am a father. Teaching my kids the source of food and the way to harvest them will be so educational!


Big Red Strawberry Farm is right next to Cactus Valley, a well known attraction in Brinchang.

The low peak season in the middle of January means that a lot of strawberries are available to be seen, touched, picked and eaten! 

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As part of the tour, there should be a visit to the Sam Poh temple but we decided to can it for a longer stop at the Rose Centre. Having been to the temple a year ago, it is seriously...

no big deal.

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