Friday, February 04, 2011

Market Square @ Cameron Highlands

 (Part 3 of Leisure Tour)

When asked on the accommodation we had for the Cameron Highlands (CH) trip, relatives and friends wondered why i did not book with Equatorial Hotel, the preferred hotel amongst many Singaporeans.

My answer has always been the great inconvenience of travelling to the bustling town of Brinchang, especially if you don't have a car. Their weak retort was "well, there's a market right outside the hotel".

Basically a fruit and vegetable market, this visit to market square was part of our leisure tour and one that i enjoy because it reminded me very much of the old, now-demolished market near to Nee Soon camp back in my childhood; orderly yet messy.

In terms of fruits, vegetables and flowers, i will strongly recommend this over the Pasar Malam (night market) in Brinchang. Being a day market (the operation ends at around late afternoon) means that the produce are more fresh and the variety is much wider.

Everyone who came back from CH was ranting on the ears of corn that were so different from the ones we have in Singapore. At RM10 for 10-12 ears, it's not rare to find Singaporeans buying them in bulk to bring back home! Yes, despite the long journey!

Mom finally had a taste of the natural strawberry popsicle i am impressed with last visit!

The market was in close proximity to many strawberry farms and you could see many stalls selling packets of bright red strawberries. I should have bought some sugar for the ultimate strawberry feast!

Seven bags of vegetables for only RM10! Mummy Teo was so tempted to buy as much as she can! Until she remembered we were taking a COACH back to Singapore, not a car!

One thing to note about these magnets is that some stalls were selling them for 4 magnets for RM10 whereas some were sold at RM1 a piece! A very obvious difference is the quality of its artwork!

Bundles of flowers at only RM4 each! Buy three and pay only RM10! My hands were itching to get ten of them but the practical Cavin knew he had no further use for them!

However, it will be very worth it to get a few bundles of roses if you have a few girlfriends! Orange for Nancy, white for Susan, Purple for Cassandra.

This was something i really wanted to try whenever i am in CH; sweet potatoes!

At only RM2 for a bag of steaming hot roots, the shiokness of having them while walking leisurely at such cool temperature was pure happiness.

A hybrid found only in CH and aptly named as Cameron Apples, these fruits supposedly tasted like honeydew (as informed by the tour guide)! We bought two to try out and i shall let you know how they fare, in due course.

Another strawberry theme shop and there are so many of them in CH! When i first came to Cameron Highlands, it was so refreshing to see this kind of shops. Now, overdose seems to be a better word. Cameron Highlands is more than just strawberries!


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