Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Drive Up Mount Brinchang @ Cameron Highlands

(Part 1 of Nature Discovery Tour)

A 'three days, two nights' stay in Cameron Highlands means that i have no choice but to sign up for another tour through Titiwangsa! This time, the Nature Discovery Tour shall bring us to Mount Brinchang and the Mossy Forest.

The direct road access to the top of Mount Brinchang is so much more convenient as it will be physically draining for my parents (and me) to climb up the 6,666 feet high mountain!

Disappointment greeted me when all i can see upon the summit was a communication station and tall greenery blocking whatever nice scenery it might offer.

Nothing's lost yet with this old and rusty observation tower! Safety was my topmost concern and it was especially disturbing when you see van-loads of tourists trying their best to clamber up to the top level and as a result, dangerously raising the centre of gravity!

With such steep metal stairs, my parents were surprisingly game enough to bear the risk and check out whatever the highest level can offer. Seriously, anything is better than staying put at the bottom of the tower and doing nothing.

Typical of Cavin, let's have a panoramic picture first. The view was beautiful but definitely not breathtaking with its various shades of green.

Having been exposed to unique terrains in China (like Zhangjiajie or Tianmenshan), the rainforest view is getting to feel a lot more at home.

The many communication towers stationed on top of the mountain are actually visible from our hotel in Brinchang town, which isn't very far away in terms of distance.

Heck, you can even see Equatorial Hotel in this zoomed up picture!

Without any doubt, Daddy Teo adored the view! I guess i inherit his taste for scenery although i was never a scenic lover in my younger days!


A jungle track is available if you love the nature and are keen to spend more time in Cameron Highlands.

Many Singaporeans love to drive up to Cameron Highlands but do take note that although Gunung Batu Brinchang has a road up to the summit, it is narrow and very challenging for urban drivers.

For the sake of your loved ones, join a tour lah!