Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Stopover @ Yong Peng, Malaysia

A stopover at this place by the name of Lucky Garden is guaranteed for almost 80% of all coach trips originating from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands and/or Cameron Highlands.

There may be other similar rest-areas for coaches in Yong Peng but this is by far the most popular. Strange indeed, considering how overpriced and mediocre the food are.

No matter what, i still need Lucky Garden for a very important reason; toilet! My bladder cannot tahan (withstand) the hold-up liquid pressure for up to 10 hours on a trip to Cameron Highlands!!!

For those who are craving for snacks, there are some stalls operating 24 hours that sell anything from fried chicken to pancake and cup corns. Like what i mentioned above, the food is generally pricey and tastes pretty normal.

There's even a 24-hour supermarket!

It may not be necessary for a "to" trip (except for chewing gum that is) but when i am going back to Singapore, the supermarket is the right place for me to spend all the ringgit i have in my wallet!

Ma Ti Su, Chewing Gum, Chewy Squid, Kai Zai Bing, Satay Fish and so much more!


I have no idea except it is a short distance from the Yong Peng exit of the North-South Highway.

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