Monday, January 03, 2011

Prawn Rolls (虾枣) @ You Huak Restaurant (友发餐室)

When i last dined at You Huak for its famous white bee hoon, i couldn't help but notice that almost every table had a plate of deep fried ball-like items my mom calls Poh Yien (apparently hokkien for crispy balls).

It was only much later in my twenties that i realised Poh Yien to my family is Hae Zho (prawn roll) to many others; that totally explained why my terminology drew a blank on many faces!

Now, my mom makes a most delicious hae zho (prawn balls or prawn rolls) which doesn't require any kind of sauce (tomato, chilli, honey etc) to make it tastes even better! 

Hence, you can imagine my level of standard when it comes to this dish.

Needless to say, i did order one plate of hae zho when i finally brought my mom to try the white bee hoon in You Huak! When almost every table has the same dish, there must be some bloody good reasons involved!

And the best part? I could not pinpoint any good reason why people want to order this! If this is considered good, i am seriously considering the option of persuading my mom to open a small eatery!

Hae (虾) means prawns in Hokkien. And surprise! There was (maybe) only a thinly veiled seafoodness with each nugget loosely packed with a mixture of pork meat and diced up water chestnuts.

If you really want to insist on a positive factor, it would have to be the crispy beancurd skin that cackles with every bite! Nonetheless, i still need chilli in order to force each and every one of them down my throat.

At S$10 for 15 nuggets (or balls or whatever you call them), do you think i will go back purposely for the hae zho?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Let's just stick to white bee hoon.


22, Jalan Tampang
Directly Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre (not Sun Plaza)!

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