Sunday, January 09, 2011

Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo (培记酿豆腐) @ People's Park Hawker Centre

There's a very famous Yong Tau Foo stall in Chinatown but with a queue numbering at least 25 persons and time has always been precious, the Gang of Four decided to try another not-too-bad-one in the same hawker centre.

Poy Kee Yong Tau Foo had a queue as well although it was significantly shorter than the famous one!

The kind of soup i would not mind to have every day; it had an addictive savouriness to it that was refreshingly sweet yet not overly salty.

With my sensitive nose picking up that appetising smell from noodles that were fresh from the boiling water, it was disappointing to find that the noodles had basically no flavour!

Thank god for this small saucer dish that had a mix of sweet sauce and spicy chilli sauce.

In general, i was damn impressed with all the ingredients; fishballs had a filling satisfaction to them and this thing with beancurd skin was delicious even though i used to perceive that anything with beancurd skin was best eaten deep fried (without being soaked)!

Lastly, for a person who tries to ask for the removal of ikan bilis in all his dishes, the version in Poy Kee was amazingly crunchy with a light pork-lard goodness to them! They were just great to have!


People's Park Complex Food Centre,
Block 32, #01-1066, New Market Road

(Exit C from Chinatown MRT Station)

S$3.00 for a small set. From what i know, you cannot pick and choose like most yong tau foo stalls.

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