Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rose Centre @ Cameron Highlands

(Part 1 of Leisure Tour)

Over the weekend, i was up in Cameron Highlands (henceforth known as CH) with my parents as part of a promised trip that was unfortunately postponed due to the Chicken Pox virus.

A torturous nine-hour bus ride finally ended at Brinchang town and after checking in to Kavy Hotel, the sleepy three-member Teo family signed up for a Leisure Tour with Titiwangsa Tours at RM25 per person.

It's not my first time in CH and tours like this don't change much over the years. With father strongly objecting to a self-drive trip (and it's a two nights trip), tour packages do help in easy commuting to the various attractions in the highlands.

We shall begin this pictorial post with Rose Centre; my favourite attraction!

The job of the local tour agency is to drive you to Rose Centre so be prepared to pay an additional RM5 for entry. Initially i thought this was a scam but having been to CH a few times, it's the norm to pay!

True to its name, Rose Centre has loads of sweet scented roses!

White Color

Red with Streaks of White

Light Pink



Bloody Red! I cannot find any black rose leh!

Besides facing an overdose of roses, you can also find various spots where you can take advantage of ageing structures like the one above.

This plant will be able to adapt well in Pandora (as in the Avatar movie) if the bubble-like buds are able to glow at night!

My mom called this the cobra flower. From this angle, it looked almost like a cobra that was about to strike!

A passageway lined with flowers and structures that provided a visual breather from flowers.

Depending on your imagination, this cluster of cactus can either be deemed horrific (eewwww snakes) or pornographic (so long~~~~~)! Hahaha.

Amitabha.... Pots of lotus-like cactus to purify that dirty mind of yours! Mine has always been innocent... contrary to popular belief.

Rose Centre is huge and climbing stairs is necessary to see what this place has to offer.

Another bunch of flowers.

This is so cute! Like bu dao weng (不倒翁). I try searching for the English term for this but cannot find any!!! Weird!! And no, it's not humpty dumpty hor!

Another flight of stairs with no protection from the weather! Thank god it was quite cold when the Teo family visited.

It was worth the effort as we were rewarded with a splendid view! It was not as majestic as Zhangjiajie but i am easily satisfied.

Father Teo surrounded by beds of purplish flowers of various shades!

Who can resist sunflowers!? In a conversation i had with the tour guide, we both agreed that since the environment in CH is conducive for sunflowers, landowners should consider planting a big area filled with them. It will definitely attract a lot of tourists!

After a long walk up, it's time to return. It wasn't tiring as the weather was at a cool 18 degree celcius!

The shoe house; a great place to hide when it starts to rain in the great outdoors!

Nothing's perfect! However, its ugly existence is necessary to clear the rainwater before it's too heavy for the translucent plastic roofs.


Additional Information
The tour guides will usually give you 40 minutes and i can tell from experience that it's not enough! An hour will be better for you to relax and slowly explore the area.