Friday, January 28, 2011

Honey Bee Farm @ Cameron Highlands

(Part 2 of Leisure Tour)

This is the right place should you want to have a closer look of buzzing flying insects!

Housed in hundreds of boxes located at various locations within this apiary (Ee Feng Gu, 玉蜂谷), you will catch glimpses of tiny honey bees busy at work although a safe distance is ensured to prevent any touch or taste (if you dare).

Close up look of the simple, wooden "house!

This bigger-than-life-sized bee needs a new paint job. For a moment, she (a queen bee i guess) does look like she suffers from a bad sunburnt on her nose!

I have never stepped into the bee maze which is supposedly the biggest maze in Malaysia!!! Attempts were made to go in except the door to the maze was forever in the "locked" position.

Honey bees scrambling to squeeze through the narrow gap to deposit the nectar! Certain boxes seem to be more popular - maybe prettier queen bees?

A small exhibition area that was too boring to attract much attention. A live show in a glass enclosure filled with bees sounds more exciting!

Another picture showing the close proximity for some of the bee boxes.

Please refer to the wall behind the cheerful bee! Multiple bee products (honey, bee pollen, royal jelly etc) for sale, which wasn't a surprise anyway. The apiary needs to earn their upkeep since an admission charge was not imposed.

The Teo family could not resist and bought one kilogram of pure honey! Benefits of honey consumption are well-documented but the sales assistant surprised us by saying that a drop of pure honey in the eye can cure conjunctivitis! Any one dares to try?

Freaky adorable dog at the counter!! Heard it is fierce so don't try to touch it!


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