Monday, January 17, 2011

Yogurt Drink in Thailand - Forget about Yakult or Vitagen in Singapore

With advertisements by Yakult or Vitagen touting the good effects of yogurt drink, it's no wonder that bottles are flying off the shelves despite the high price-tag!

Seriously, i have to fork out S$2.85 for one pack with five tiny bottles and i can easily down three bottles in one sitting! Bloody not worth it lor!

The savior comes in the form of Meiji Paigen, a probiotic drink that tastes exactly like the original flavour Yakult but costs only S$1.20 per 180ml bottle!

Contrast that with a 65ml Yakult bottle that costs S$0.57 and you know it's a better deal with Meiji!

And the best thing is that every now and then, there is a promotion for 2 bottles of Meiji Paigen for an incredible price of only S$1.50! Where can we find such fantastic deal???

I have the exact answer to my question!
The "where" is Bangkok!

Look at the size of this big baby that holds 1 litre of those delicious cultured milk! And you won't believe the price i got it for!

35 Baht, which works out to an INCREDIBLE S$1.60 per bottle!! And all for a 1,000 ml!! Wahaha, gulping 300ml at one go can only be surmised by two words; SHIOK AH!!!!


Available in major supermarkets in Bangkok.


  1. hi, i was about to blog and complain and whine about the pathetic small yakult while missing my gigantic meiji one from bkk ... googled and came across yours! please allow me to use and credit your pic? thanks!

  2. Haha, go ahead and use the pic! :)

  3. the meiji cultured milk is available in sg! after i posted the entry, so many friends told me the specified 7-11 to get it! heh :) no more yakult!

  4. thanks xiaoxin. I knew about the meiji yogurt drink in singapore before my trip to bangkok but 7-11 have it only in the 120 ml package.

    Contrast that with the one litre bottle at roughly e same price in bangkok and u will know the really bad deal we get from yogurt drinks in singapore!

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Hi, am keen in the Meiji-Paigen drink. will you share where to get in Singapore please? I saw at mustafa but not on sale unless buy two meiji milk and get a Meiji-Paigen for FOC.

  6. hi!

    you can find the small ones at some 7-11 outlets. but the stocks are pretty irregular.


  7. Anonymous10:59 AM

    hi dear

    Thanks for reply.

    Will you name the specific 7-11 outlets please?

    Appreciate your kind help.


  8. hi ling,

    i live in Yishun and has managed to get this particular yogurt drink from 7-11 at northpoint and nearby shell petrol stations.

    however, since i can get my fix from drinking a litre each day at thailand, it's been a long time since i looked around in Singapore.

    the best bet is to check with the service staff at 7-11.

    hope the above helps. :)


  9. I prefer Yakult. It sells cheaper in Philippines.

    1. pity they are so expensive in Singapore!

  10. As far as I know, yakult are sold with small bottles for the reason that it needs to be consumed with just one drinking since it has good live bacteria that when it is exposed, there will no effect of some sort. I just don't know with how other cultured milk products are made of :-/

    1. Thanks for your comment! Hahaha, i know what you mean! My issue isn't only with Yakult being sold in miniature packaging; pricing per ml is also ridiculously high! Of course, you might be right; rge good live bacteria might cost more.

  11. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Hi! I'm from the Philippines do you know any online shop here I could buy the large bottles of yakult or Meiji? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hallo! I am afraid i am not sure about that. in fact, if you manage to find an online shop which offers such large capacity yogurt drink, let me know too!