Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Carpets of Red Flowers @ Hoi An [Vietnam]

There were many highlights in Hoi An and one of them was jogging in the UNESCO qualified old town, alongside the Thu Bồn River, when the sun was awakening from its slumber and the weather was cool. 

In the first morning of my jog, I chanced upon a stunningly beautiful sight; carpets of red flowers that fell from trees planted on the walking path next to the river! I was intrigued and searched the web for the name of the tree / flowers, without any success.

Take a closer look and they actually bear some resemblance to spiders, albeit red in color. On second thought, I should have taken a macro photograph of the flower and search on Google Image.

Hanging vines from the trees that dispersed the flowers. Interestingly, I don't see the flowers later in the day; guess the cleaners would sweep them away which was a real pity.

If not, I bet there will be many photographs like the above where people would be using the carpets of red flowers as natural setting, although they would likely be looking pensively towards the river. 


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