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Kerabu by Arang @ Yishun Park Hawker Centre [Singapore] #yishunparkhawkercentre

As a proud Yishunian who loves the eccentricities of the infamous town, it's embarrassing when a friend, who lives in the faraway town of Jurong (and known by some as my evil, non-blood-relation twin), expressed her surprised that I wasn't aware of this amazing stall; Kerabu by Arang at Yishun Park Hawker Centre

I had to check it out to save face! Knowing the stall closes by 3pm on a Sunday, I arrived at about 1pm; only to find a notice "we are sold out"! My brother in law went to enquire and lo and behold; we managed to secure the last two nasi kerabu sets. That's some luck from my brother in law.

The two sets that took almost twenty minutes; Nasi Kerabu Whole Chicken Leg and Nasi Kerabu Lamb Ribs. Yishun Park Hawker Centre is not known for being a cheap hawker centre but even then; these two sets were pricey! I shall share the prices at the end of this post.

Nasi Kerabu Lamb Ribs - where possible, I would go for lamb / mutton but in this case, I didn't have any choice since there were just the last two sets. And given my purpose to review this stall, I guess it's right to go for the signature, the chicken, and the most expensive, the lamb. 

Aside from the rice and vegetables on the side, there were fish crackers and strangely, a segment of salted egg! The vegetables were actually salad as I recalled the following words from the pretty lady when I picked up the two sets: "remember to mix the rice with the salad". 

Thankfully, I did follow her advice and the salad turned out to be a uniquely fascinating mix of finely diced raw wing bean with pomegranate and pomelo! Starting with bites of freshness mixed with a light bitterness, it gave way almost immediately to another layer of sweetness! p.s. I absolutely adore long grain rice! 

My three lamb ribs that were slathered with a viscous gravy that was unlike anything I have tasted before; slightly sweet and with hints of curry, nuts and coconut. 

Meat slipped easily off the bones and it was delicious! In addition to being tender, with a layer of deletable fats, the meat was grilled perfectly as evidenced by the smokiness as I bit through, without being overly charred. The sambal didn't disappoint as well for its spiciness packed with the rich flavor of shrimp paste! p.s. some would likely it's a tad sweet; not an issue for me. 

Nasi Kerabu Whole Chicken Leg - you can't deny that the plating was eye catching, to the extent that it almost looked fake! I did lament that there appeared to be more of the gravy on the chicken! 

While it was juicy and nice, the lamb ribs are definitely the winners! Personally, I find the chicken a bit too normal, comparable to a good ayam bakar. To be fair, the real winners had to be the interesting salad, the unique gravy and the sambal! 

Cleaned up everything! So wonderous was my experience that I quickly shared this with the Greatest Kon; guess I would be back very soon.


51 Yishun Ave 11, #01-04, 
Singapore 768867

As above. 

As above. p.s. that's the young and capable chef on the left, Mr Nurl Asyraffie Bin Mohamed Shukor.

Whole Chicken Leg Set - S$13.00
Lamb Ribs Set - S$23.00
(10% discount via Timbre App)


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    too expensive. Don't think would even try.