Thursday, July 23, 2020

A New Toy in the House - Ogawa Smart Jazz Massage Chair! #ogawasmartjazzmassagechair

I don't have the capability to stay in a big house and while my home isn't that cramped for a 3-room flat; it's still a fight for precious real estate whenever i need to purchase something of substantial size. 

And this box delivered to my house appeared way too bulky for my tiny space! Although i didn't pay a single cent for it, i treasure comfort and the item hidden in the box might be a side-bump hazard! 

Ironically, the product is designed to give me more comfort; yes, it's a bloody massage chair! Brand is Ogawa and model is Smart Jazz. To be honest, i have always wanted a massage chair but more so for my elderly parents; especially my mom who absolutely adores massages! 

Anyway, moving in proved to be a challenge as my doorway was way too narrow even though the experienced deliverymen had removed one of the gates. 

They deftly removed the components; guess it's not the first time they are sending their massage chairs to a HDB flat. From what i gathered from one of the guys, this is a new model and just on that day alone, 15 units were delivered all over Singapore.

Actually, it's better i don't see all these as from young; i am known to remove parts from mechanical toys, clocks etc. Putting them back together is, unfortunately, not my forte. Given the price tag of the massage chair, i must constantly tell myself that i mustn't attempt to remove any of the components! 

A success in moving the chair in! 

Putting everything back so that it can function as one! Frankly, i roughly can work out the "removal" and the "reinstatement". If the need arises, handyman Cavin shall do his best! 

Ooooo, it can recline back so much?! I did a trial massage at Ogawa's branch at Northpoint and didn't even realize it; it's actually one of the features known as zero gravity. 

Guess who was one of the first "customers" for the new massage chair? Of course it has to be my mom! And enjoying the relaxation, she sure did. As she has the keys to my home, i guess i would see her dropping by more often. 

With seven automated massage programs (waist and hips, neck and shoulders, sweet dreams, thai massage, recovery, shape and tone, and deep tissue), the zero gravity and the ability to massage your hips and down to the sole of your feet, i must say this satisfies us beyond expectations. 

Hope it wouldn't become a white elephant! 

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