Thursday, May 02, 2019

Beyond Burgers by Grand Hyatt and Smoocht R'Ice Cream #beyondburgers #smoochticecream

I am not a vegetarian and prefer meat-based over a plant-based meal any time! However, the hype about environmental sustainability and the constant visual bombardment of vegetarian burgers that look so much like real meat had piqued my curiousity!

Hence, i didn't hesitate to pre-order the Beyond Burgers by Grand Hyatt (with a top up of S$3.00 for the Sunny Strawberry Fields ice cream from Smoocht) when i received the mailer in my corporate mailbox.

Collection was a week later at my work place and boy was the queue long!

Informative pamphlets on the table for you to read more about the harmful effects of animal agriculture, the promotion of alternative sustainable living etc. Shamefully, i admit i expressed more interested in the food and dessert.

Chilli and tomato sauces were put in sustainable boxes and not in little packages which would actually result in more waste. As my intent was to try the burger without any sauce, at least for my first bite, i chose not to take any of the sauces.

Pull-up banner for Smoocht Ice Cream which i have never heard of! Said to be made from "organic crystal brown rice, organic evaporated sugar cane juice, real fruit and/or pure nut butters", its calorie count is only a third of normal ice cream!

Beyond Burger
Back to my office and getting ready to unravel the mystery, plant-based burger from mezza9 at Grand Hyatt; a high SES dining establishment that charges S$118 an adult for their Sunday Brunch!

The burger; to be totally frank, it looked nothing like the visually appealing one from the mailer sent to me. However, i was surprised by the wonderful aroma of the dairy-free brioche bun.

In addition to the pea-based patty and the buns, there were also "dairy-free cheddar, plant-based mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, red onion and mustard". What's lacking is having all the ingredients organic too but i guess that would jack up the cost!

Thick patty that already won me over for its perceived satisfaction even though the key would still be the taste. Would it also "bleed" as rumoured? Let's find out with a big bite!

There's a nice smoky flavour to the patty although maybe it's psychological; i didn't find the taste 'meaty' or even meat-like and no, it didn't bleed too. Maybe it's better to be blindfolded and choose between a beef burger and this plant-based one.

Despite the above, my friends and i absolutely enjoyed the burger and i was relishing the brioche bun like nobody's business! Would we pay S$12 each for the same burger? Maybe but nothing higher.

Smoocht Ice Cream
My Sunny Strawberry Fields ice cream came in a small cup. Known as r'ice creams, there were four or five other flavours like hazelnut although the official Smoocht website listed a lot more!

You know what came to mind when i put a scoop into my mouth?! It tasted similarly to the strawberry popsicle from Cameron Highlands with bits of strawberry seeds! Best of all, it's not overly sweet! 


Beyond Burgers - Click Here

Beyond Burger - S$12.00
Smoocht R'Ice Cream - S$3.00 (Top Up Option)

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