Monday, May 13, 2019

Phat Thai Big Shrimp - Big Portion Noodles & Fried Rice @ Chatuchak Weekend Market [Thailand]

A few months ago at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, i chanced upon an eatery that had humongous plates of large river shrimps at its kitchen area facing the internal road. I didn't have the stomach to eat anything there and made a mental note to return the next time i drop by Bangkok

I was back five months later and after walking myself crazy at the Weekend Market; it's now the right time to have lunch. What's a right time? To me, it's anytime before and after the peak mealtimes like lunch or dinner.

Seats were located within a confined yet air-conditioned space within Soi 32 of Section 23; as the sign had indicated; the menu would only be given to you when you have seats. 

It's a tiny space; the likelihood of knocking into a fellow diner is high, especially you are holding on to bags of shopping! p.s. the air-conditioning wasn't strong enough to cool us down. 

Lemonade - in the 'peanuts' comic strip, i often see kids selling lemonade on a hot day and figured a glass of lemonade would be helpful to quench my parched throat. What i didn't expect was that it came in a large teapot! My throat was moisturized even though my taste buds couldn't quite get used to its sourness. 

2 in 1 Thai Noodle & Fried Rice - nah, the eye-popping plate of pad thai and fried rice topped with six river shrimps! I am already quite conservative in my spending as this was the cheapest for the range at 1,100 baht (close to S$50)! 

The other two options were 1,500 baht and 2,500 baht; while the portion of the rice and noodles remained unchanged, you get comparatively bigger prawns! For the price of 2,500 baht (slightly more than S$100), i would be able to get a large Sri Lankan crab from a restaurant in expensive Singapore.

Now, i can't say i enjoyed the phat thai and fried rice. The former was overly oily with a sourish aftertaste whereas the latter lacked the essential wok-hei to perk us up. It did help the palatability when a ton of eggs were fried together with the rice. p.s. egg lover here. 

Furthermore, i think i don't particularly like river shrimps; the supposed prawn taste wasn't as sweet and as intense as expected. Freshness wise, i think it's acceptable and the shells didn't take much effort to remove. 

Feeding one to Alex as he is a lazy bum! Anyway, must reward him sometimes as i am the picky one when it comes to travel and it's not easy following my pace. 


Despite our misgivings for the food, the five of us managed to clean up everything! The taste was an obvious letdown, unlike its initial visual appeal, but i was more taken aback by the pricing! For the price we paid for, i could have eaten about ten plates of the superb pad thai from Thipsamai near Wat Saket

Section 23, Soi 32,
Bangkok, Thailand


As above.

Lemonade - 65 baht
2 in 1 Thai Noodle & Fried Rice - 1,100 baht

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