Saturday, May 11, 2019

Holy Shrimp - Louisiana Seafood in a Bag that Doesn't Cost an Arm / Leg @ Bangkok's Ratchada Train Market [Thailand] #holyshrimpbangkok #seafoodinabag

A veteran traveller to Bangkok recommended a place for seafood in a bag last year and although that place had already closed down due to land development; i was still keen to check out similar eateries when i visited the land of smiles last month as "seafood in a bag" is rather expensive in Singapore!

It didn't take me long to find “Holy Shrimp"! Conveniently located at the corner of the famous Ratchada Train Market near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT, we decided to give it a try on day one of our trip.

Only outdoor seating but if you prefer a better view, ask for seats on the second floor. We were brought to the table on the ground level as the place was still packed with customers at 9.00 pm!

Putting on the plastic aprons that were provided for free.

Bangkok was hot, hot, hot and having a cold beer would chill me down! I find beer quite flexible in making the body manage the surrounding temperature; too hot, drink a beer; too cold, drink a beer too!

Fried Squid - this was so addictive and i absolutely enjoyed the thin, crisp batter surrounding the squid. p.s. complemented perfectly with a bottle of cold beer!

Holy Shrimp Catch - as there were five of us, i guess it made sense to go for the most expensive Holy Shrimp! Catch and topped up (extra charge) with a serving of prawns as my family is a big seafood lover!

Obviously, they all came in a bag before being dumped onto the table laid with a long sheet of disposable plastic paper; Louisiana style seafood.

Aside from the prawns and the extra prawns swimming in the mild-spicy holy moly signature sauce, the catch also included new zealand mussels, baby octopus, corn and potatoes. There were options for crabs / lobsters if you feel like having something more luxurious.

Time to dig in with a pair of protective plastic gloves, if you wish! For me, i prefer to eat using my bare hands as the food just seemed more flavourful this way!

Freshness is the dealmaker when it comes to seafood and holy shrimp didn't disappoint! The next time to look out for was definitely the sauce which had the alluring aroma of garlic and an addictive taste strong in peppercorn and basil leaves.

Thankfully we are not rice-lovers (essentially we are but our family is perpetually on a carbohydrate-restricted diet and prefers to stay off rice) as the leftover yet delicious sauce would a great mix for a bowl of plain Thai white rice!  

Verdict - impressionable enough for us to talk about it for the next few days! 


93 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng, 
Khet Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, 
Bangkok, Thailand

Operating Hours
6.00 pm to Midnight

Facebook Page

As above.

Fried Squid - 120 baht
Holy Shrimp Catch - 399 baht
Shrimp (Top Up) - 199 baht

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