Friday, May 17, 2019

Bedok Cooked Food - Char Siew, Roast Pork & Roast Duck @ Kovan Hawker Centre [Singapore]

I am trying to restart my visitations to Singapore's hawker centres but it's a chore without a car and i am so in love with my own house; i prefer to stay home and laze on most weekends.

However, i recently signed up for a hair treatment package at Kovan which means i would be in that area at least once a month and i can definitely explore the nearby Kovan food centre! Frankly, i didn't bother checking any review online and thought of just going for the stall with the most number of people.

My sister, a frequent patron to the hawker centre given that her in-laws stay nearby, was with me and suggested Bedok Cooked Food as the usually long queue was only two-person long when we dropped by. Don't be deceived by its name and thought it's mixed vegetables rice as the stall's main products were roasted delights! 

It's a hard decision to make as my heart was aiming the roast duck and roast pork even though their best seller was supposed to be the char siew. My sister, payer for the name, understood my dilemma and ordered the 3-in-1 combination. Yeah!

Roast pork was acceptable with that required cackling crispiness; this brought to mind the epic roast pork i had in Bangkok at one Michelin pig's organ soup shop! It's a pity i didn't take photos for a review in this blog. :(

The appearance of an extremely appealing roast duck can drive me crazy and that's the reason why i was so keen on the roast duck! It didn't disappoint with a juicy, flavourful taste that left my lips smeared with oil! It would have been perfect if there was a light crisp to the skin.

Char siew - my all time favourite when it comes to roasted delights. One look and i know for sure this would be the kind of char siew i enjoyed. Want to guess why?

Not enough fats which is key to the taste! Nevertheless, i must say the sweet marination with charred bits on its edges did help to enhance its palatability. Maybe i could have specifically asked for a fatty piece of char siew next round.


209 Hougang Street 21,
#01-32, Kovan Food Centre,
Singapore 530209
(Next to Kovan MRT Station)

Location Map
As above.

As above.

3-meat platter - S$12.70 
(including one plate of plain rice)

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