Wednesday, March 06, 2019

An Unsatisfying Snorkeling @ Pulau Dangli - Part of the Langkawi Mangrove Tour

Comprising of 99 islands, i am expecting Langkawi to have a decent spot for my favourite beach activity; the therapeutic snorkeling! 

While i wasn't unable to gather much information about snorkeling in Langkawi, i remained hopeful during the Langkawi Mangrove Tour as it had indicated snorkeling at Dangli Island as part of its itinerary. 

We were brought to a spot where i knew, for sure, that the snorkeling wouldn't be enjoyable. Just look at the greenish water; i am darn confident that i can't see beyond two meters!

A piece of toast was thrown into the water; no movement except for the strong waves bouncing off the boat. Now, when there's no fish taking the floating bait, it's really time to just move on. 

Moving to another location.

There appeared to be a lighthouse although i can't seem to see it on google map. I initially thought the location was wrong but i managed to catch sight of the structure's top in one of the 360-degree view. 

Fishes and with slightly clearer water. The only disappointment is the obvious army of sergeant major fishes! Among all marine fish, the sergeant major fish elicits the least excitement from Alex and I as they are so common!

Let's throw the toast and see the level of their "hunger". 

Apparently famished judging from the gusto and enthusiasm they showed towards the toast; it's time for the next step in the snorkeling process.

Preparing to jump into the water! I was already in the water when i took the picture of Alex putting on his easybreath snorkeling mask

As the waves were quite strong, we were mindful to put on our life jackets. Life teaches us experience; like the time when my dad almost drowned at similan islands

Water visibility was terribly low in my opinion and even this picture was only able to turn out well due to the auto tone function on photoshop. :(

Photos of our surroundings.

Our forever-confident Alex striking a pose! At this point, if i recall correctly, he was actually standing on solid ground. 

This was by far the clearest picture i took in the water!

Alex couldn't believe his eyes as he was looking forward to snorkeling like i did. It would have been fine if the fishes were swimming towards us but they were avoiding us like plaque even though they had no problem picking the toasts when we were on the boat!

Guess it's better to stay on the boat then. 


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