Saturday, March 16, 2019

놀러와 - Come N Joy Korean Restaurant @ Millenia Walk [Singapore]

A friend recently commented on one of my Facebook postings with a simple hashtag, #FirstWorldProblems, which is really true in Singapore's context where we are spoilt with too many dining options when what we actually need is just food to fill up the tummy. 

Take one example recently at the Marina Bay area; i couldn't decide what to have and decided to check out the website, eatigo. It's essentially a reservation portal with hefty discounts that could cut your food bill by as much as 50%!

As it's already past 6.00 pm, the discounts for many popular restaurants have already lapsed but i chanced upon the 30% discount tag for the nearby Come N Joy Korean restaurant and quickly made a reservation at 6.30 pm so that i can lock in the discount.

Restaurant was less than half filled when we arrived and i was understandably a bit hesitant to step in as Korean eateries are actually quite popular in Singapore and if food was good, you would likely see a good crowd.

Reviews appeared pretty good and hovered between 4 and 5 stars across a few platforms like google reviews and facebook ratings. To be honest, i was totally taken in by the picture of seafood and spring onion pancake!

For two persons, i think we need a bit more and i think having a half portion of deep fried chicken would be good! I wouldn't mind chicken with bones but lazy Alex insisted on having boneless chicken; oh well, the payer shall decide.

Korean Barley Tea - the eatery doesn't serve plain water but i am totally fine to pay this jar of Korean barley tea at just S$2.00. Almost wanted to order two as i thought it was S$2.00 a glass but the nice and honest waiter said one would be sufficient for both of us. 

Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake - I must have been craving for Korean pancake as the aroma was so enticing when it was placed in front of us! No comment on the side dishes as they were not my cup of tea. 

Frankly, the batter was a bit thick and i expected more for a dish with the word seafood in its name. Taste was okay but not great to the extent for me to re-order in the future. I should really learn how to make it myself as i heard it wasn't too difficult; even my mom knows how to make it! 

Boneless Fried Chicken - from the menu, i was thinking it would be popcorn chicken like but it turned out to be literally de-boned chicken and the half serving was actually a bit too filling for both of us.

For the boneless chicken, we have the dressing option of soya sauce, chilli or lemon cheese. Alex went with the latter and while i found the fried chicken to be not bad in general; i must say that lemon cheese doesn't quite appeal to me. Maybe i should have ordered a beer to go with the chicken. 


9 Raffles Blvd,
Millenia Walk #01-26,
Singapore 039596

Operating Hours
Lunch - 11.30 am to 3.30 pm
Dinner - 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm

Location Map

As above.

Drinks Menu
As above.

Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake - S$18*
Boneless Fried Chicken (Half) - S$20*
Korean Barley Tea - S$2
(Subject to Service Charge)
*prices before eatigo discount

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