Saturday, June 18, 2016

Urban Retreat - A Higher Class Massage Parlour @ Bangkok [Thailand]

I am not afraid to tell you that i would rather pay for that air ticket to Bangkok for daily Thai massages than to fork out close to S$60 an hour for the same session in Singapore. 

While i had been pleased and satisfied all this while with my 200 baht (about S$8-9) an hour Thai massage, i thought this relaxing trip should allow me to splurge a little bit more and i couldn't resist making an appointment for the upper-class looking Urban Retreat that's pretty near to Park Plaza Sukhumvit Hotel. 

Unlike the dark and dingy massage parlours i was accustomed to in the past, this was similar to the lobby of an expensive spa; bright, comfortable and it smelt good! 

Since we had to wait for our massage therapist to prepare the room for us anyway, i might as well take some time to read the laminated terms and conditions.

Thank god it wasn't lengthy and i even managed to hook up to the free WiFi to surf the web. Note that business appeared brisk and walk-in doesn't guarantee an appointment; i tried and failed. 

Time to wash the smelly and sweaty feet - they must be thanking me for allowing them such luxury as the scrubbing wasn't the touch and go style typical from those cheaper parlours.

It's a room that was given for the both of us! As with the lobby area, it was bright to the extent you can spot the stains on the mattress, notice the dust at the corners, if there's any. Piped music flowed through the speakers to soothe the mind and the aromatic air sought to lighten the spirit within us.

Trust me, there's a high chance i would have a good sleep even before the masseur enters! The environment was just too conducive and we couldn't wait for the session to begin! 

Let me show you the aftermath; Alex wasn't in pain. He wanted another hour of massage and we didn't have time as we needed to catch a flight! 

In summary, the massage was amazing and my masseur accurately pinpointed the areas that required extra care and i was very impressed with the entire experience; there's really a marked difference for paying almost double the pricing and for a stingy person like me, i am willing to continue to do so in the future! 


Super near to Exit 4 of Asoke BTS,
Bangkok, Thailand


As above

An Hour of Thai Massage - 450 Baht

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