Saturday, June 04, 2016

Tonkatsu Wako - Pork Loin Cutlet @ Bangkok Central World [Thailand]

Despite the numerous positive reviews i had for Japanese cuisine in Bangkok back in 2015, i was rather muted in my April 2016 Bangkok trip with the patronage of just one Japanese restaurant.

I didn't even go for sushi and instead, went for tonkatsu. As it was my actual birthday then, i decided to go with my craving for sinfully deep fried breaded pork loin! 

Strangely, even though i remember seeing a Saboten outlet in Central World a few years ago, i simply couldn't find it this time! Well, at least i can blog about Tonkatsu Wako, which had a presence of over 200 restaurants in Japan! 

Complimentary of green tea served in a metal pot - in Singapore, i am already happy to be given a free cup of matcha! Not complaining though as rental rate in Singapore is ridiculously high and to put it bluntly, we have to import almost everything.

Rosu Katsu Gohan
Like Southern Chinese, the Japanese holds rice in high regard but to have it in that special container definitely increased my guilt as i am a strong believer in the Atkin's diet! 

There were so much rice in the pot and as expected, i had like close to 75% left after the meal. Speaking of which, can we use Japanese rice for fried rice? Might be too sticky i think.... 

Miso soup was one of the better ones; full of ingredients and aside from being tasty, there's a savoury aftertaste due to the pieces of bacon! 

The main actor in the "show" - not the cabbage of course which was normal and you can use the sauces on the table to adjust according to your preference.

Now on the pork loin culet - the glistening juiciness was evident from the cut pieces but the flavour in general was rather bland and you would require a gentle, light-on-the-touch dip in the tonkatsu sauce for that extra kick.

Leaving the fattening parts for the last! 

I didn't really quite believe the menu when it indicated the use of homemade fresh bread crumbs until i turned my head to call for the service staff - those are the loaves of bread?! 


Within Central World Mall,
6F Restaurants, 4/1-4/2,
Bangkok, Thailand

Rosu Katsu Gohan - 320 Baht
(subject to GST and Service charge)

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