Monday, June 13, 2016

Day Two of My Relaxing 6 Days 5 Nights Bangkok Trip!

It was rather late when we left Park Plaza hotel for Asok BTS station although our thought then was merely to use the station as a gateway for much needed breakfast! 

Park Plaza hotel was an amazing hotel and the only negative feedback i can think of wasn't even related to the hotel itself - it's this flight of stairs that frustrated me every time i had to climb it and to hype up the irritation, i was a faithful user of BTS and MRT.

No prize for guessing where we were going to for breakfast as Alex couldn't forget the mango sticky rice we had the day before.

People were crowding at the entrance as the opening hour for the mall was 10am! Security check is a must before you can enter many, if not all shopping centres in Thailand; every country has their rules and customs and as a traveller, don't impose your opinions. It's not your country.

Yes, it's a satisfying breakfast at Pier 21 food court!  The energy boost was required for the most important activity to be undertaken in Bangkok - shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Time passed fast at the Thailand's most famous market - even though i could continue to shop, our dear Alex didn't have that energy and wanted to return back to the hotel for a rest! :( There were some gains from the visit, thankfully; the Wantong Cafe and the yummy grilled honey roast pork

That sleep-deprived ass got his rest and we left for another train market. Upon arrival at the MRT station, we got a bit lost (language barrier can be a pain) and decided to take another exit to the relocated Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Saw this sticker on the escalator in the train stations - why i cannot walk?!!?!? Time is precious on overseas trips and i sure hope the message was "do not run on escalator" which was the actual scenario on the picture.

A relaxing trip is incomplete without a session in the movie theatre! Do keep in mind that the national anthem would play before the movie and everyone is required to stand up

Bought the tickets for 10 Cloverfield Lane as our choices were limited with a lack of understanding for the local Thai language. As we still had some time to spare, we proceeded to Pier 21 food court where i had my first egg omelette rice! 

For those who visit Terminal 21 on a daily basis, do register for a free wifi account at the customer service counter. It's valid for one year and connection was quite good! 


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