Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Side Activities for Kids @ Asiatique the Riverfront [Bangkok]

Adults would be too busy shopping at the many stalls in Asiatique the Riverfront night market but how about the kids?! How are you going to pacify them when they have yet to grasp the concept of shopping to de-stress oneself? 

One attraction that came to mind would be the gigantic ferris wheel on the side of Asiatique; known as Sky Asiatique, i had the intention to take the wheel but was put off by the pricing of 300 baht per person! 

Anyway, that's only one of a few activities for your kids; there's also the good old carousel in the middle of Asiatique although most are concentrated on the market's fringe, near the ferris wheel.

Riding the kid's sized motorbike was nothing compared to what came to my sight shortly after; a strange device on display that gave rise to a few questions; how does this work and the lack of complicated controls which could only infer an easy operation (i think)?

Then i saw these two robots by the side of a container cafe; now, this would definitely attract the attention from kids and even i, as an adult, is interested to give it a try just to become "iron man" for a short moment! 

Tickets had to be purchased and i regret not taking note of the pricing. At least for that strange device, i can tell you the price is 250 baht for a ticket that admits two persons. And it's called the Sky Yoyo! 

Found another picture and that robot thingy was priced at 250 baht too! 

I would love to pay for a ticket to sit on the robot but i decided not to for the following reasons: there was hardly anyone playing and i can see the existing players were children a third of my age! 

And no way would i be chaperoned by masked adults on self balancing electric scooters! 


Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Haha... Didn't see the robots when I was there last year June. Would be very entertaining for the kids.


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