Thursday, June 09, 2016

Wantong Cafe - You Would Need It! @ Chatuchak Weekend Market [Bangkok, Thailand]

Within the humongous Chatuchak Weekend Market, thousands of tiny stalls were segregated into numerous sections and the navigation was further complicated when you add in the sois (sub streets)!

I could spend hours in the market with my eyes strained simply from the number of shops i paced past but this glass paneled shop drew my attention the moment i laid my eyes on Wantong Cafe

The metaphor i could think of, given my limited grasp of the English language, is an oasis standing right in the middle of an ocean of sand! The cafe had extremely limited seats yet it was a bright spot (thanks to the glass-topped roof allowing natural sunlight) among the huge cluster of dark, cramped shops. 

To be honest, i was dying to find a comfortable (by that, i do mean a place with full blast air-conditioning) place to rest my feet and this was a godsend! Although i was thinking of purchasing their cheapest drink to take advantage of the air conditioning, those delicious looking cakes at the counter changed our decision. 

Nilla Riceberry Short Cake
I always find shortcake to be a misnomer as there's nothing short about it in the literal sense. Whatever the case, most people would have given this a miss given its cement looking colour but it would be a severe mistake if you do so.

Made of a new rice strain known as riceberry, the cake was delightful with moist, fluffy dough that had bits of what appeared to be coconut although the cafe operator clarified that it was charcoal powder! Despite the creaminess, the sweetness was light and i almost had to buy a second piece because Alex had snatched the last bite! 

Kaya Pandan Custard Tart
For the benefit of my blog, i opted to try something new and this kaya pandan custard tart appealed to us visually! Furthermore, i love kaya, pandan and custard and thought their combination may result in a never-taste-before flavour.

I was wrong - you can taste their individual layers and this, to me, was unexciting and far from expectation. Alex enjoyed it though, specifically the sweet yellowish-brownish shred thingies on the tart. 


Jatujak Market, Section 26, Soi 1/4,
Bangkok, Thailand


Nilla Riceberry Short Cake - 95 baht 
Kaya Pandan Custard Tart - 120 baht

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