Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Grilled Honey Roast Pork (Moo Yang) - A Must Snack On The Go @ Chatuchak Weekend Market

Knowing my metabolism is no longer as desirable as it was five years ago, i have taken steps to cut down on snacks but there are the occasional "cheat days". For overseas trips, EVERYDAY is a cheat day even though i would attempt to rein in my gluttony.

Some things are too irresistible though; an example would be the honey roast pork stall located within Chatuchak Weekend Market that had large pieces of pork chops beckoning me to give them a try. Being the nice guy i honestly am, i cast aside my yearly resolution so that the pig's death wasn't in vain.

I waited with abated breath as the lady displayed her exquisite chopping skill to cut up the charcoal grilled chop. In my mind, i think i would have gladly took the entire chunk and chewed through it! 

Truth is, things are not as exaggerated as above. I read about this stall from a blog (can't remember where) and decided to check it out. Visually, the chops didn't appeal much to me as they didn't seen fatty enough; a crucial criterion in my opinion.

That didn't stop me from ordering a small portion tagged at a minimal of 100 grams! No queue so don't worry about having to wait insanely long in the notorious stuffy lanes in the market

Verdict - surprisingly tender and i love the sweetness which wasn't overwhelming! Equally memorable was how juicy it was despite appearing rather lean! Those charred bits definitely enhanced the aroma! Would love to get my hands on them the next time i visit! 


Section 22, Soi 4,
Bangkok, Thailand


100 grams - 45 Baht

of Angels, please click here.

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