Friday, August 08, 2014

Waffles - StateLand Cafe Patisserie @ Bali Lane [Near Bugis]

A few weeks ago, my elder sister was rambling about a cafe located in Bali Lane known for its waffles; i assumed she was talking about Coffee Nations even though i don't quite remember having any waffle when i was last there in 2011. 

Of course, Coffee Nations has long ceased its operations and the cafe my sister was actually referring to was this Stateland Cafe Patisserie. Darn, it seems like i am having waffles every week!

Anyway, a bit of background for the benefit of everyone; three chaps, each with a family business dealing in industrial work, decided to get together and open a "vintage industrial themed cafe". And it proved to be an instant hit! 

As everyone knows, i am not that particular when it comes to decor and environment. Despite the detailed explanation provided, i was under the immediate impression that to open a cafe, you just anyhow put together a few pieces of unwanted furniture and voila, here's a cafe with character. 

My bad.

The Red Velvet Waffle
Without further ado, let's begin with the first of our waffle selections. Now, i am biased and it's against red velvet. Hence, you may go ahead and ignore the following review i had for this waffle; long accustomed to the cake form which tasted acceptable when it was moist and dense, the waffle version just didn't cut it, especially with the strings of unpalatable cream cheese. 

The Classic Waffle with Ice Cream
As far as texture is concerned, this ranked high on my list with that desirable crispiness coupled with an inner fluffiness. It was a pity that the waffle itself tasted pretty bland and required the help of the maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. Oh, one suggestion, possible to give more maple, preferably in a separate container. 

The Toffee Nut Waffle
Unlike the red velvet waffle, this unique offering totally blew us away! The unmistakable toffee nut fragrance, the perfect texture which was similar to the classic waffle and most importantly, the delicious mixture of toffee, almond, caramel and maple! 

Another picture to whet your appetite! Frankly, we almost wanted to have a second order!


30, Bali Lane
[Parallel to Haji Lane]

Breakfast & Pastas Menu
As above

The Sweet Tooth Menu
As above

The Red Velvet Waffle - S$11.90
The Classic Waffle with Ice Cream - S$14.90 
The Toffee Nut Waffle - S$14.90
[No GST & No Service Charge]

Additional Information
Those with an observant eye would have noticed that the receipt reflected another waffle; the black forest. The kitchen apparently mixed up our order but instead of asking us to suck it up, they served the black forest waffle later and it was on the house! Such professionalism right?! 

So how was the waffle? I would put it as a notch higher than red velvet although i personally didn't quite like the bitter cocoa aftertaste. The rest enjoyed it though. 

Oh, do note that there are two units under Stateland along the stretch, separated by just one empty shop. So if you could not find any seat, do pop by the next unit. You might just get lucky! 

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