Sunday, August 24, 2014

Clementi Road Fei Fei Wantan Mee (飛飛雲吞麵) near Kent Ridge Bus Terminal

Clementi and its immediate surrounding has no lack of nice tasting wanton noodles; Yap Kee (now at Holland Drive), Boon Kee, Red Ring just to name a few and to open one right in the middle of the food cluster popular among university students could be suicidal if the food standard isn't up to par.

Fei Fei Wantan Mee has a good reputation back at Joo Chiat; my experience then was generally positive with credit given to the noodles. I was expecting the same treatment, if not better since it has been a few years since the Joo Chiat visit

Pay for your order first and then get a number tab from the cashier to be placed on your table. Simple enough i presume. Note that the pricing wasn't really available on the menu (except for the set); so do ask if you need it.

As i have always insisted, i am on long term diet and with that constantly in my mind, i was cautious to order only the "small serving" which was, in my opinion, still bigger than "red ring".

Sighz... despite it being three years, there was hardly any improvement to the "liao" (ingredients other than the noodles); they tasted alright although not exceptional enough to entice a revisit. 

The noodles with the QQ texture back at Joo Chiat (three years ago) were nowhere to be found; the replacement tasted dry with sauces that failed to impress. 

I scrambled to find a saving grace and found it (albeit a bit of pushing it); the wanton soup which wasn't flavoured weakly as in the case of many wanton noodles stalls.


Would i patronise it again? Likely no; even if i am in the vicinity, i would prefer to use my money on Hot N Spicy Nasi Lemak

18, Clementi Road
[Near Kent Ridge Bus Terminal]

Wanton Noodles (S) - S$4.00

Menu (No Pricing]
As above.

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