Saturday, August 02, 2014

KBox K Lunch Buffet - Valid Till 31 October 2014 @ Orchard Cineleisure [Singapore]

The Teo siblings had not been out for their singing sessions for the longest time ever and a date was finally set for us to embark on tone-deaf screaming that would be somewhat masqueraded as professional singing.

Our intention was for the cheap K Lunch but when we heard of the K Lunch buffet promotion, we jumped on it! The price differential was almost non-existence with free flow makan and nett pricing (including the copyright surcharge)! In fact, i thought it was more worth the value than the lunch sets!

I know many of you would be curious on the buffet variety and i shall keep this post as short and as sweet as possible. By the way, only two K Box branches offer the K Lunch Buffet and they are Cineleisure Orchard and Marina Square.

Sufficient to whet your appetite? There wasn't any foie gras, sushi etc but seriously, what would you expect for only S$15.80 nett and this included 3 hours of non-stop screaming singing!!?

The food pictures so far do not reflect ALL the dishes we tried! Some were left out because the photographs eventually didn't turn out well. Anyway, it might also please you to know that there were soft and hot drinks like coffee, cappuccino etc! 

After singing ourselves hoarse for 3 hours, i must say we left the place feeling incredibly satisfied and full. Darn, we were actually supposed to go for ribs at Tony Roma's!!! :(

Notice indicating no fighting allowed!? Tsk tsk tsk, person sings that badly also cannot be violent what...



Price for K Box Buffet
Weekday Lunch - S$12.80 nett per person
Weekend Lunch - S$15.80 nett per person

Additional Information
Reservations are strongly encouraged! Call K Box Cineleisure Orchard @ 67563113 and K Box Marina Square @ 65623113. The K Lunch buffet promotion would be valid till 31 October 2014!

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