Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ma La Sang Wild Boar Sausage (瑪拉桑山猪肉香肠) in Shilin Night Market - The Best Taiwanese Sausage @ Taipei [Taiwan]

Digging deep into my memory, the first time i had Taiwanese food in Singapore should be at a pasar malam where there was a queue for Taiwanese sausages! I was hooked and for a long period of time, could not resist paying for a stick whenever i chanced upon a stall at the night market. 

In my recent Taiwan trip, i have had quite a number of Taiwanese sausages and although nicer than their Singapore counterpart; the only one that made us walked back to order again would be the above stall located at Shilin, father of all night markets in Taiwan! 

Featuring the highly acclaimed wild boar meat using traditional aboriginal marination, this was easily the best i had in my nine-day trip! And this was surprising because the person in charge was diligently cutting away the charred bits that should have made the sausages even more delicious (at least to me).

Just look at Alex's delirious expression; it was extremely juicy with soft, tender meat that was perfectly grilled. That's not all; the taste wasn't overly sweet yet the flavour remained intensely rich (we opted no extra sauce by the way)! We had four in total and i can tell you confidently; we should have gone back for three more! 


Intersection of Danan Rd and Jihe Rd,
Shilin Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan

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NT$35 for one
Three for NT$100

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