Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Taking the Cable Car to Yun-Hsien Park & Resort @ Wulai [Taipei]

For those with a fear for heights, it might be a hair-raising affair to visit Yun-Hsien Park & Resort at Wulai; as i mentioned before, it seems like taking the cable car is the only option to get to the nostalgic-charged amusement park. 

From Wulai old town, you can choose to walk or take an old school tram to another section 1.6 kilometres away where you eventually would have to hop up a few flights of stairs. 

Right at the end would be a building with a Wulai Tourism Office on the ground floor. If not for the noticeable cable cars on the second level, i would have turned away, thinking i must have lost my directions to find the station. 

Ticketing booth - your tickets would allow you to take the cable car AND include the admission fees to Yun-Hsien Park & Resort. It might also be comforting for you to note that accident insurance was also covered for all passengers. 

The cable car - initially, i thought this would be similar to the gondolas cable lifts at Genting Highlands. At close up, it was an image of another transportation vessel; that of a mini school bus! 

Well, that was the appearance. Within the cable car, it was a scene of familiarity with the gondolas at Genting; albeit with more seating for aching bones like mine. 

Time to go up! 

One major highlight of taking the cable car was the impressive aerial view of the 80-metre high Wulai Waterfall. Almost everyone with a decent camera was scrambling to the waterfall side in order to take photograph after photograph; thank god the cable car was sturdy enough to withstand the tilt. 

Cable car travelling down from the other side; frankly, it really did look as if it was a mini-bus that was being transported down the mountain! 

At a speed of 3.6 metres a second, the cable car would cover a distance of 382 metres with an elevation of around 165 metres! From calculation, the journey should take only about 10 minutes.

Spotted a smaller waterfall along the way! 

The surrounding views include my right side with rolling mountains barely showing a pathway leading to Neidong Forest Amusement Park (don't ask me why is it called an amusement park when internet sources suggested it is a place known for its waterfalls and nature trails). 

At my back would of course be the cable car station.

To my left would be Wulai Old Town, our starting point for Wulai. More about that town would be made available in this blog by this week. Do look out for it. :) 

After a short exploration of Yun-Hsien Park & Resort, it's time to get back! Honestly, it was more a touch-and-go visit and i am kind of regretting not spending more time at the amusement park. 


Ticket Prices
Adult - NT$220
Children - NT$150

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