Monday, August 18, 2014

Shilin Big Head Dragon Oyster Omelette (大頭龍蚵仔煎) @ Shilin Night Market [Taipei, Taiwan]

I was warned to manage my expectation for the oyster omelette in Taiwan as the texture and taste were not that similar to what we can find in Singapore despite an almost identical cooking style.

Oh well, advice taken and it's therefore with a mentality that i am trying something new when i stepped into the underground Shilin night market food street in seek of this recommended stall known in Chinese as Big Head Dragon. 

For those who have difficulties finding it, just note it is located right beside the washrooms! We were once again too full to order anything else except for the oyster omelette at NT$50 a plate! 

The first thing that caught our attention was definitely the pool of brownish sauce right in the middle; not exactly evoking an appetizing image if you know what i am imagining in my head.

I must admit i prefer Singapore's crispier version although this Taiwanese style was actually pretty good in its own way; more eggs were used, the richness of oyster flavour could not be disregarded and the potato starch wasn't as excessive as some of the oyster omelette stalls in Singapore! 

Special credit to the savoury sauce (honestly, i don't know what it consists of) but it sure was tasty! 


Underground Food Section
Shilin Night Market

NT$50 per plate

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