Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freshly Baked Buns from Bunnies Bakery @ People's Park Complex [Chinatown]

When the smell of freshly baked buns hit me while walking briskly along a walkway filled with people, i know i have to stop and look for the source.

Bunnies - In China, this implies that the shop sells rabbit meat but here in Chinatown (Singapore), it is simply a bakery with bunnies as its mascots.

On the outlook, i would have discounted this shop and tagged it with any neighbourhood bakery in Singapore that is trying to gain a foothold in this competitive industry by having nicer decor, adopting a mascot etc etc.

But the delicious whiff of fresh bread proved too irresistible and i queued; just like the four customers in front of me.

There are twenty four regular flavours to choose from and i could not make up my mind immediately on what to have for takeaway! Eventually, i settled for garlic, cream cheese and egg mayo.

Sizes have already been pre-determined for you; either six mini buns in one or two buns in one. However, they are quite tiny and i could easily squeeze a few mini buns in my mouth.

The above is the box of six egg mayo mini buns. Singaporeans would have recognised this style fondly as many neighbourhood bakeries do offer this with fillings like red bean paste, lotus paste and even curry.

For me, there's no doubt on the buns' fluffiness and freshness. Pricing wise, i also thought they are in a comfortable range affordable for many people. There's always a but.

Out of the twenty four flavours, i chose three. For all three flavours, i know of other bakeries that do it better. Barcook Bakery for cream cheese, BreadTalk for garlic and well, i am not really impressed with the egg mayo.

To give the cute bunnies the benefit, i could have chosen the wrong flavours.


1, Park Road, #01-66
People’s Park Complex [red star on map]
(near KFC and next to the hawker centre)

Garlic [2in1] - S$1.40
Cream Cheese [6in1] - S$1.60
Egg Mayo [6in1] - S$1.30

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