Friday, January 06, 2012

Toasted Kaya Buns @ YY Kafei Dian (喜园咖啡店) - Corner of Purvis Street and Beach Road

What would you do if you happen to walk along a street and coincidentally chance upon a pretty crowded coffeeshop with a plate of toasted buns on most of the tables?

Mind you, it was 4.30pm; way past breakfast time when such fare is common and normal.

Faced with such a situation, the Gang of Four would not hesitate to find a table immediately, sit down and then order those seemingly popular items on other patrons' tables.

First to come was the coffee that i desperately needed to perk me up! It was aromatic and despite its lack of sweetness, there wasn't any tardiness to it.

Whenever Alex eats toast, an order for half boiled eggs is customary and in his opinion; a must given his expertise in trying half boiled eggs from many other kopitiams.

The above is the reason why we stepped into YY Kafei Dian! I am not sure if i mention this before but i have always preferred my toasts to be two slices of bread instead of a bun split into half.

Although reviews on hungrygowhere were raving about the toasted kaya buns in YY, i can only comment that there was no surprise in the texture and taste of the bun (it was way too normal).

Even the dark kaya (i initially thought it was peanut butter) paled in comparison to the one at Chin Mee Chin; it was just not flavoursome enough to impress me.


37 Beach Road, #01-01
(Corner of Purvis Street and Beach Road)
(Diagonal to Shaw Tower)

Unknown - Mr Kon's Treat!
Thanks Kon!

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