Saturday, September 04, 2010

Raisin Cream @ Barcook Bakery

BreadTalk is credited for changing the landscape of the stagnant bread industry in Singapore back in year 2000.

10 years later, in year 2010, i believe we are seeing another change, albeit slower, with Barcook Bakery.

Just like BreadTalk, it has its signature bread; the absolutely delicious Raisin Cream! What's different is the way bread is sold.

Tau Sar Piah style!

All the available bread are displayed in the glass counter and you, as the customer, are supposed to queue up and order from the service staff, who will pack them for you.

Not exactly the way i like since i no longer have the option to take a longer time to procrastinate and, i cannot choose the biggest piece out of the whole tray of bread!

The best seller in the bakery, this round bread looked deceptively plain.

But when you bit it right in the middle (my mouth is able to do that), the generous cream oozed out, bringing with it a delicious sweet-sourish richness!

Weirdly, i prefer to have the raisin cream bread after a few hours, not when it's hot from the stove.

By the way, the queue can be very long and you need all the time and patience for the wait!!


Please click here.

S$1.30 each for the raisin cream.
Not so sure of the others.

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