Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chop Hean Kuan Dim Sum (点心包饺) @ People's Park Hawker Centre

Despite having a main meal, our dear Alex wanted something small as a snack; for those who don't know him well, snacking is one of Alex's favourite activities!

He didn't need to search far as there is a dim sum stall just a few tables away from where we sat. Anyway, he started raving non-stop about the seafood dumpling he bought that it gave me no choice but to take a tiny bite.

Let's put it this way - it was awesome enough for me to take a special trip down to Chinatown six days later just to have the seafood dumpling and try the others items the stall have for sale.

Seafood Dumpling
The generous filling was peppered with bits of crab sticks that tasted extremely sweet - as in sweet freshness of seafood. Add in the thin crust that cackled with every bite and i guess you don't need much imagination why i enjoyed it so much!

Chives Dumpling
Although a notch lower than the steamed ones from Ho Kee Pau, this is still no weakling. Filled with juicy minced pork and a lower proportion of chives, this would likely attract customers who detest too much chives in their food or simply love fried products.

Lo Mai Kai
I know - it does look like dog food, specifically from the popular (and expensive) caesar brand. Thankfully, this was for human consumption as i would not have minded a second helping!

The essence of chicken had seeped into the glutinous rice, resulting in a full flavour experience not commonly seen in many places while the chicken meat was minced and molded into a patty that was tender to the bite without tasting overly sweet.


People's Park Complex Food Centre,
Block 32, #01-1018, New Market Road
(Exit C from Chinatown MRT Station)

Seafood Dumpling - S$0.80
Chives Dumpling - S$0.80
Lo Mai Kai - S$1.80

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