Monday, January 16, 2012

Geylang Ho Kee Pau (和记包) - Dim Sum Galore (点心) @ 康福 Hock Khong Coffee Shop

My stomach has digested countless dim sum from Ho Kee Pau for over ten years but when asked if i have ever patronised its main teahouse in Geylang, i am ashamed to admit that my first visit was only early this month.

It's kind of amusing that it took me so long since i frequently send my mom for her massage sessions nearby, my favourite durian stall is located directly opposite, the MRT station is merely a five-minute walk away and i do drive my family car all over Singapore.

Notwithstanding the above, the point is that i am finally here.

There is no air-conditioning and the setting is kopitiam style; not exactly the teahouse with traditional Chinese decor many would have expected from the terminology.

Decor is secondary when it comes to food; one of the basic food philosophies adopted by the Gang of Four (although it is really enforced by Kon and myself since the two younglings are so bloody pampered)!

Wanton Noodles
This came as a really nice surprise since i wasn't expecting much from a dim sum place.

Once you mix up all the ingredients, it's hard to believe that such a simple bowl of noodles could be so tantalising to the taste buds. Definitely worth another visit just for this.

Lotus Rice
This is one item i would never order on my own given my past experiences with almost tasteless grains that could be put to better use as fried rice with egg.

However, this is way better than the ones i had before although it gave me the impression that i am eating savoury rice dumplings.

Beancurd Skin Dumplings
They were not even close to Wan Dou Sek's standard. Period. 

Char Siew Bun
To be honest, i find it quite difficult to find a char siew bun that tastes horrid. Either that or i have been pretty lucky in my orders for juicy Char Siew buns.

Chives Dumplings
Simply put, this is one item i commonly ordered from Ho Kee for takeaway and it is a must for me to squeeze a generous amount of chilli sauce to go with the dumplings.

Chives are much hated vegetable for kids and i am no exception myself. But i could never have the heart to resist these chives and prawn dumplings from Ho Kee.


No. 43, Geylang Lorong 27
[very near to Aljunied MRT Station]

Look above for the menu (front and back)

Additional Information
This is a 24-hour establishment and i could not help but feel envious for those people living in the East! It's alright; my aim to lose weight would never materialise if i live in that region.

There was this super-crowded coffee shop two doors away! Guess another trip is a must in order to find out why there were so many diners.

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