Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure @ Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - Resort World Sentosa

I visited Universal Studios Singapore again and this time, i took even more pictures than my virgin visit!

Before i bombard you with even more pictures in this blog (with hopefully more details), let's start with a new attraction that started operation on May 16 this year; a boat ride in the Madagascar zone called Madagascar; A Crate Adventure!

So that's the purpose of this towering cargo ship! Thought it was only for display and i was lamenting it was such a bloody big waste of precious space!

People have always complained that Disneyland Hong Kong is small but do you know for USS, it is even smaller! However, a colleague from America has ever told me that it's amazing how USS managed to squeeze in so many attractions given the space constraint!

Though it is the newest attraction in USS, we did not have to queue for too long (i think it was a comfortable 15 minutes). Maybe because it was late afternoon and kids are usually sleepy at that time.

In addition, each mechanical boat can fit in around 20 pax and the frequency is pretty high!

Based on the first installment of the popular Madagascar animated film, your adventure begins right when you enter this gaping hole of the hijacked cargo ship.

Basically, it is just a typical river ride with narration and moving statues along the way. It might be more suitable for children, especially those who do not meet the height limit for most of the other attractions.

Remember, it is not YOUR adventure but that of the four mismatched animals. 

Flash photography is not allowed and we got to know about it halfway through the ride when a staff warned us over the public address system. Oh well, the foreigners didn't seem too bothered about it and continue shooting.

In all, this 10 minutes boat ride was more relaxing (can rest my legs) than thrilling.


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