Saturday, July 09, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - The Concluding Post (with Madagascar Zone)

There's a good reason why i took so long to come out with this post; the lack of pictures of what is supposedly the last zone in USS that i have not covered in my blog.


With only one operational ride (a carousel aptly named as King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round) that i clearly have no interest in, we whiled away our time in the souvenir shop.

Loads of plushies of those highly cunning runaway penguins - the movie destroyed the impression many children have of these seemingly tame and docile creatures.

Nonetheless, these black and white gentlemen are still very adorable in my opinion.

The towering cargo ship from the first installment of the Madagascar movie. With the opening of the crate adventure on 16 May 2011, it could have contained something instead of being just a white elephant.

View of the ship from the next-door Hollywood Zone.

This is purely for aesthetic purpose - the fat tree shown in the beginning of Madagascar 2.

Complete with the hanging skeleton of an aviator who must have been seriously injured in his escape from the badly damaged plane.

It was almost 7pm when we decided to call it a day! I was physically tired, the pig sister was feeling under the weather, and all of us could not stand the stickiness on our skin that makes it damn uncomfortable!

We caught the beautiful sunset on Sentosa Express (to Beach station) that equally enthralled many other visitors. If not for the haste to return home, i might just ordered a drink at any of the beach bars and enjoy this fascinating real life picture.

A whopping S$17.00 of car park charge (Beach & Imbiah Car Park)! This was actually quite reasonable considering how a two-way taxi ride can cost me more than S$40.00.


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Did i mention i will be back again?
One day in USS is seriously not enough.

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