Monday, September 12, 2011

No Name Rojak @ KPT (Block 401, Hougang Avenue 8)

In the event i left NUS without a job, i guess i can make my first pot of gold by setting up a rojak stall in any of the kopitiams dotted all over Singapore.

That's my thought after i found this rojak stall banished to one corner of an operational western food stall!

Fixed cost is going to be low since rent is not going to be that expensive and you don't need to have a signboard! Another substantial saving on startup costs. Even the equipment, like toaster oven, can be purchased at less than S$50 a piece.

Nonetheless, it does appear to be heartbreaking work; the owner has to prepare the rojak standing up and with a constant of customers, i can just imagine him standing there for hours working on his mixing magic!

Rojak is one type of Singapore food that i find to be generally tasty across coffeeshops, food courts and hawker centres. It's rare to find a downright horrid one in Singapore since the ingredients are commonly the same and uncomplicated.

Differences usually lie with personal preference (toasted crispy youtiao versus soggy youtiao), the concentration of ingredients (more peanuts, more prawn sauce etc) and whether the mix is thorough.

I like this one by the nameless stall at Hougang; a thorough mix that covered everything with a thin layer of savoury sweet prawn paste. Fresh ingredients, as usual, made eating this, extremely enjoyable.


Under the signboard of Golden Rooster Western Stall at Block 401. Hougang Avenue 8, KPT Coffee Shop. I suspect the KPT stands for KoPiTiam.

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