Sunday, September 04, 2011

Chicken Chop (Western Barbeque) @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

I did mention before that as far as chicken chop is concerned, only two Western stalls (西餐) in Singapore are considered worthy for my standard. One is Kallang Western Barbeque, which is situated, surprisingly, not at Kallang but at Bedok.

The other one is at Old Airport Road food centre, named simply as Western Barbeque. Frankly, this is the first stall i was damn impressed with and that experience set the standard i have for all the chicken chops i would partake from time to time.

That was over eight years ago and it was a long time since i last stepped into the foodie realm of Old Airport Road. Fresh from my recent visit to Kallang Western Barbeque (KWB), i guess the time is ripe to give a comparative review.

Visual wise, there isn't any difference to KWB - baked beans, crinkle fries, cucumber slices, the same chicken part and even the display is alike.

There was however a stark contrast in taste despite the similarity. Marinaration is usually the key for any deep infusion of flavour in any meat but in this case, i can barely discern the light sweetness of honey.

To me, that's a big fail as it would not have been any better than a piece of grilled chicken thigh topped with mushroom sauce. It was disappointing although i hope my visit was just a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence.

Van did mention that her mixed grill from the same stall was delicious.


Block 51, Old Airport Road,
#01-53, Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre

Chicken Chop - S$5.50

Additional information
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