Friday, September 09, 2011

Mango and Sesame Snow Ice @ Dessert Story (NEX Mall)

Have any one noticed that in the past year, there is this particular dessert chain by the name of Dessert Story that has been sprouting like mushrooms in many shopping centres in Singapore?

There are not much surprises in the menu with a mish mash of popular Cantonese and Taiwanese desserts and though i have no problems with such offerings, i personally prefer our local desserts like Ice Kacang, Cheng Tng, Chendol etc.

But there's no harm in having more variety. That's the key to living in a globalised city where cuisines from different countries congregate.

Anyway, my friends and I had the mango snow ice and sesame snow ice today at Nex Mall after a filling meal at Ramen Play. The picture looked appealing and cold desserts seemed quite desirable for the three of us.

Except they came in paper cups like the above.
BIG =_=

Yes, it's indeed convenient and may even prevent spillover although i could not help but feel short-changed since it did appear smaller than the picture.

Nonetheless, i did enjoy the light sweetness that proved to be very soothing for my ill throat. And i love the sensation when the flaky ice melted instantaneously upon contact with my warm, moist tongue.

At S$4.20 a bowl, it is on a high side when i can get a damn fantastic ice kacang for a much lesser S$1.50 at Yishun.

Nothing's perfect though; there is no way i can get an equally loving sensation with finely grated ice.


23, Serangoon Central,
#03-17, Serangoon Nex Mall

Additional Information
Flavours for snow ice include Chendol and Milo! I might try these heaty flavours once my throat feels better since there's a branch near my home at Northpoint!

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