Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amber Rock Climb @ Universal Studios Singapore (Lost World Zone)

Back in March this year, i chanced upon this amber rock climb within the Lost World Zone of Universal Studios Singapore (USS). I was thinking then, who in the right mind will actually pay extra money when every attraction should be free given the high entrance fee!

It's a common enough question for Resort World Sentosa to even issue an FAQ with regards to additional payment for this attraction.

In addition, i didn't foresee myself wasting time (and energy) to climb this wall that is approximately 6 floors high. Though i am afraid of heights, this is a potential challenge i would not mind taking if it is free of charge.

Apparently, i wasn't of the right mind when i revisited USS last Saturday! It must have been a matter of provocation by Alex the Bitch. If that weakling can do it, so can i!

The initial step was easy - put one foot at any of those things that extended out of the huge piece of rock and pull yourself up to the next one.

Mostly, you have to make use of the crevices to secure your pull. Sounds easy? It was in the beginning. Things started to get really strenuous after a while.

Pull-ups using a pull-up bar are much more relaxing when i compare it to rock climbing! An impatient guy like me seems very unsuitable for rock climbing since you need to take it slow and gauge your options carefully before proceeding.

One wrong step means it's good-bye to your life.

Not at amber rock though since a guide is on hand to activate the safety mechanism. It provided little comfort for me as i know accidents can happen; like the recent one at the nearby Mega Zip Adventure.

This is Alex, the ass (with his ass if i could add), who managed to reach the upper trench of the wall. For me, the muscles on my arms were aching terribly by then. I was kind of surprised that i could make it so far. Speaking from this one-time experience, short legs are indeed a serious disadvantage when it comes to this activity.

Like Alex, i was equally stumped when i came to the final section - the jutted out topmost portion beyond the deep crack. I simply had no energy to go any further and almost BEGGED the guide to let me down.


A certificate was given even though both Alex and I did not successfully uncover the secrets of amber rock climb. Not that we even know there is actually a secret. Our main aim was to climb higher than the kid next to us!

Face (面子 aka pride ) is at stake here!

S$5 for a single climb.

Additional Information
Sadly, that kid did manage to go up all the way. On a positive note, he took on the easy section while Alex and I took on the section with a medium level difficulty.

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