Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Cannot Get Enough of those Deep Fried Prawn Crackers (炸虾饼) @ Local Delights (传统小吃) - Broadway Coffee Shop, Yishun)

Whenever i wake up late on weekends with a mere two hours to lunch, i used to ponder what to have for breakfast.

It will either be too heavy to have a bowl of delicious Xiang Xiang fishball noodles or too pathetic to settle for toast on a well-deserved weekend.

Times like these always elicit the same response from Alex and myself - why not have the chee cheong fun again from Broadway coffee shop? Of course we are willing! But i will try to drag the time a little bit more towards the official lunch time.

Reason? Those oily, irresistible deep fried prawn crackers (that i blogged before - HERE) are only available from noon!

Slightly burnt bean sprouts jutting out from the crispy crust, the bite that frequently results in an oily rim around my mouth and a crunch coming from the prawn's head that is perfect music to the ears..... These thoughts are making me hungry even though i am currently nursing a bad sore throat.

As the subject title implies, my stomach can never get enough of them although i tried to reduce the intake of such food stuff in view of my unstable cholesterol history.

At S$1 a piece, the stall owner is however, on a persuasion spree whenever she sees me - she tangles a promotional carrot of 4 for S$3; a whopping 25% discount!!

How can i, a finance man, miss such a good deal?!


Broadway Food Centre
Block 414, Yishun Ring Road
#01-1871, Singapore 760414

Additional Information
I think we finally found the name of the stall - simply and appropriately named as local delights.

For my post on Chee Cheong Fun and Ang Ku Kueh from the same stall,
please click HERE.

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