Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prawn Crackers (虾饼) @ Broadway Coffee Shop, Yishun

Prawn Crackers
@ Broadway Coffee Shop, Yishun

It wasn't too long ago i posted a post on this chee cheong fun from Broadway Cofee Shop, Yishun.

Though both sisters insist that Amoy hawker centre has the best chee cheong fun (not the canto version), it has nonetheless, become a weekly routine for me to have a plate of chee cheong fun from this stall in yishun.

But today's topic is obviously not on chee cheong fun as you can see from the title. Since that stall sells a lot of other snacks (like the soft ang ku kueh with thick bean paste), i will try out other items whenever i buy my chee cheong fun.

This time, it was prawn crackers: one of my favourite breakfast items when i was younger. Back then, my favourite stall came from this coffee shop in Ang Mo Kio and i can easily devoured 8 to 10 pieces in one sitting!

This is not me!!!
That was then. With a growing waistline, i bought only two this time and ate only one!  A pat on my back for such great control in reducing my food intake!

The prawn crackers from the same stall Broadway in Yishun were close to what i had from the stall in Ang Mo Kio (which closed down many years ago). Made on the spot, they had a thin crusty bite with strands of fresh bean sprouts in between the fishcake-like texture filling.

One complaint i have was the size of the prawns. They were too small, limiting the amount of seafood essence that could be absorbed.


Broadway Food Centre
Block 414, Yishun Ring Road
#01-1871, Singapore 760414

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