Monday, June 07, 2010

The Papa aka Father Merlion (鱼尾狮) @ Sentosa Island, Singapore

Everyone (at least every Singaporean) knows this imposing structure stationed across the narrow strait, on an island that used to be called the Island of The Dead.

Aka (also known as) the father merlion in the rare merlion family, he is the biggest and tallest of them all at 37 meters high! Don't ask me how the babies come about when the mother is a mere 8.6 meters tall!

Though the ticket price for entry cost S$8.00 per pax, i was willing (in fact, grateful) for payment. The sweltering heat proved to be almost unbearable for natives like me and an air conditioned outlet was a fabulous respite!

Upon entering the realm of the merlion's sacred abode (via a boulder underneath, my dear), a very different environment awaits you; contrasting greatly with the sunniness right outside the tinted glass door.

A cave narrating mystical and legendary sea creatures (like mermaids, Nessie) shall attract your attention temporarily, together with posters of sea creatures movies!

After this small exhibition is an animation on what-else-but-how-the-merlion-comes-about (history recap: Sang Nila Utama, the prince who found the ancient Lion City etc).

Once this boring show ends (could be interesting for tourists though), you are supposed to slot in a golden coin (given when you enter the Merlion) into the mouth of cheesy mercubs!

Don't you love the dumb smile? Awwww... Would have loved to pinch the cheeks!

And out of a slot underneath that lovely smile comes a card that says mystery gift! How touristy can this be?! But a gift is free and Cavin loves free gifts!!

Next comes the highlight of this visit;
the elevator!

OKay lah! The elevator is just a common, stuffy lift but the highlight is where it brings us to!

The moment you reach the top end of the lift shaft, you have two choices.

Up to the top of the Merlion or down to the Merlion's Mouth.

Merlion's Mouth is an area where there's a cameraman taking pictures of you and your companion(s) with the far off Shenton Way as a backdrop.

At S$15 per piece of photograph (S$20 for two), it's a rip-off for poor man like me!!

I am glad to have my DSLR!

The Head of the Merlion proved to be visually more entertaining.

An almost clear sky was a blessing as we can see far out into the sea (some said you can even see Batam and Bintan)! 

The hot weather was a devil though; the blaring sun was doing what it can to burn us!!!!! Mommy was also getting pretty grouchy (she spent a lot on whitening products).

Time to leave.

A bit sad if you ask me. I would not have minded to stay a while longer and take more pictures!!

Anyway, remember the mystery gift?

It was a fan!!! A life buoy for the hot hot hot weather!!!!!

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