Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Sad Story Behind the Dong Tribe Drum Tower @ Kaili [Guizhou, China] #sadstory

I just returned from a tour to Guizhou (China) and those who have asked if i had enjoyed the trip; i would immediately say i definitely did and it's in fact the best tour i ever have in China! 

Not everything is rosy though and today, i am going to tell a sad story behind this unique pavilion that was built based on the traditional drum tower of the ethnic tribe; the Dong which is the second largest minority tribe in Guizhou province. 

Known as "迎客亭" which literally means the welcome guests pavilion; my dad and i decided to rest our feet at the wooden benches since we still had about 10 minutes to go before we met up with our tour mates for dinner. 

Since it's still pretty cold, i unzipped the tumbler to pour out the warm ginger tea for my dad. As i was carrying quite a number of things, i placed my DSLR on the side (as photoshopped in as above). Now, that's when the story gets sad; I forgot about the camera and by the time i realized about 10 minutes later; my Nikon D750 was gone. 

Six days of photographs, numbering at least 2,000; all gone. This painful lesson and the image of the pavilion (red arrow above) would be permanently etched in my memory. There were other unfortunate incidents which i would share in due course. 

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