Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At Akarin Tour - Our Preferred Agent near Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach) @ Phuket [Thailand]

Travelling in touristy Phuket Island has its perks; for example, there are just so many tour agent counters to choose from, even though it can be as equally mind-boggling for an indecisive person who consider too much!

Thankfully, i managed to find one tour counter (At Akarin Tour) a short distance away from Swissotel Resort Patong Beach (our accommodation in Phuket) where the camaraderie we had with the two female staff members was obvious from the start. 

We eventually signed up for the James Bond speedboat package which also included visits to Hong, Panak, Lawa and Panyee Islands! Price quoted was 3,800 baht per person but i am no weakling when it comes to bargaining and managed to shave almost 60% off the listed price! 

The trip was so enjoyable; we went back to the counter for further recommendations and Similan Islands were suggested. Now, i have heard a lot about the islands (including its reference to a hokkien profanity) but the long journey there from Phuket is off-putting! 

Nevertheless, we were convinced to make the trip even though the package was much more expensive at a discounted 2,500 baht a person! While the islands were beautiful and the tour was one of the best i ever had; there was a hiccup which i would share in time to come.  

Anyway, you know who to look for if you happen to be staying in the Patong Beach area. Just look out for the small tour counter outside Wealthy Pharmacy (next to 7-11) along the stretch of Swissotel Resort Patong Beach


38, Ruamjai Road, Patong Beach,
Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

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