Saturday, July 14, 2018

XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam - Kopi & Toast @ Aman Central Mall [Alor Setar, Malaysia]

I need my coffee fix daily but I am also quite particular about the type of coffee; not so much on whether it is Columbian, Arabica, blended as all I really desire is an affordable cup of aromatic Nanyang coffee to perk me up! 

That's what I was actively looking for yesterday morning at Aman Central Mall at Alor Setar and chanced upon XiXiang Kaya Kopitiam on the lower ground (known to Singaporeans as basement 1) of the shopping center.

Kopi Gao - sadly, my supposedly strong local coffee was overly sweet and tasted a bit thin. There's also a bitterness towards the end of each sip. How I wish I had brought along my Old Town 3-in-1 white coffee sachets!

Kaya Butter Toast - the fact that I just indulged in brunch less than an hour ago didn't stop me from having a serving of kaya butter toast. I am glad I did though as this toast was better than most of what I had in Singapore! 

Each bite was crispy without the stale hollowness I sometimes get from some "famous" toasts and the middle was slathered quite generously with rich green kaya and butter! Yummy! 


LG19,20, No.1, Aman Central, 
Lebuhraya Darulaman, Alor Setar, 
Kedah, Malaysia

Kopi Gao - RM 3.60
Kaya Butter Toast - RM 4.20

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